Lesson Topic Pdf 
1  Introduction of Oral Microbiology and Immunology.   
2  Oral Microbial Ecology     
3  Mechanisms of Oral Colnization.
Dental Plaque and Calculus.
4  Characteristics of Oral Gram-Negative Species.   
5  Characteristics of Oral Gram-Positive Species.  
6  PBL1. Periodontal ecology
PBL2. Microbial etiology of periodontitis
7  PBL3.Dental infection and cardiovascular diseases
PBL4.Oral infection and systemic disease-metabolic syndrome
8  Microbiology and immunology of periodontal diseases  
9  Mid-term examination   
10  Caries and cariology I  
11  Caries and cariology II    
12  PBL7. Innate immunity and inflammation
PBL8. Cell interactions in the regulation of immune response 
13  Microbial and immunological aspects of endodontic infections   
14  Infectious disease transmission and control  
15  Oral Major Viral and Mycotic Disease.