Oral care of the handicapped patients



Hung-Huey Tsai

College of Oral Medicine
Taipei Medical University

Course Structure: 4 Hours per week
Podcast TMU Podcast 播客


Course Description

Most, but not all people with disabilities develop normal teeth. They can get all of the same diseases as their nondisabled counterpoints, but they frequently suffer more dental disease. Some caregivers have the mistaken belief that the disabled person's teeth are not valuable to them and so care is neglected.On the part of the disabled person, there is sometimes an inability to understand the consequences of neglecting dental hygiene and care, or there is an inability to cooperate with dental treatment. Disabled people ordinarily need individualized, special types of help to achieve the same level of health as the nondisabled population.


  • 開課系所:口腔衛生學系在職專班
  • 開課年級:3
  • 學分:2