Knowledge construction & theory development




Yann-Fen C. Chao 

College of Nursing

Taipei Medical University

Course Structure:3 hour per a week
Podcast TMU Podcast 播客

Course Description

The course is emphasized on guiding students to identify philosophical and theoretical bases of nursing knowledge, and the nature of scientific inquiry. The course addresses the outcome criterion of critical thinking through student activities such as exploration and critique of:
(1) philosophical bases,
(2) traditional and contemporary ways of acquiring knowledge, and
(3) nursing current status of knowledge development with exploration of future directions.
The course builds upon previous knowledge of nursing theory development in master nursing programs and serves as the promotion to modes of theory development and application for the doctoral students.


  • 開課系所: 護理學研究所博士班
  • 開課年級:1
  • 學分:3