Lesson Topic
1 炮製學及實驗簡介 
Introduction the Preparation of Chinese drugs and laboratory
2 中藥飲片介紹 
The illustration of Chinese drug
3 實驗--中藥炮製對藥材的影響 
laboratory--The effect of preparation Chinese drugs
4 加工品類及礦物類中藥炮製介紹 
Introduction the preparation of extra work from material medica and mineralis
material medica
5 實驗--中藥炮製之輔料及保存 
laboratory--The auxiliary materials and keep from Chinese drugs
6 動物類及樹脂類中藥炮製介紹 
Introduction the preparation of animalis material medica and resinae et cryptogamae material medica
7 水製實驗(1) 
laboratory—Water preparation methods introduction (1)
8 皮類及藤木類中藥炮製介紹 
Introduction the preparation of cortices material medica and caules et ligna material medica
9 火製實驗(1)
laboratory—Fire preparation methods introduction(1)
10 火製實驗(2)
laboratory—Fire preparation methods introduction (2)
11 根及根莖類中藥炮製介紹 
Introduction the preparation of radices et rhizomata material medica
12 火製實驗(3) 
laboratory—Fire preparation methods introduction(3)
13 果實類及種子類中藥介紹 
Introduction the preparation of fructus et semina material medica
14 水火共製(1)
laboratory—Water and fire preparation methods introduction(1)
15 全草類及葉類, 花類中藥炮製介紹 
Introduction the preparation of herba and leaf, flos material medica
16 水火共製(2)
laboratory—Water and fire preparation methods introduction(2)