Course Description


To provide medicals students with a basic knowledge of how information technology can be applied in the medical research and health care.

Course Objectives

Using a problem-based learning approach, we expect students to learn how to obtain relevant information on medical research and healthcare through the use of Internet search engine and online databases

Required Textbook

1.臨床決策支援系統—以Microsoft Excel為實作範例 作者:張顯洋 出版社:華杏

2. Medical Informatics Computer Applications in Health Care. Edward H.Shortliffe, Leslie E.Perreault. ADDISON-WESLEY PUBLISHING COMPANY ISBN 0-201-06741-2

3. Handbook of Medical Informatics. J.H van Bemmel, M.A.Musen. Springer. ISBN 3-540-63351-0

4. 醫療資訊管理學 吳昭新 李友專等合著 偉華書局出版 ISBN 957-640-506-8


assignement and reports