Course Description


1. 微系統工程在生醫領域之應用
2. 生物力學
3. 生物醫學材料
4. 臨床工程學
5. 醫學資訊學

 This is intro course which covers five major disciplines in Biomedical Engineering that would include:

(1) MEMS Medical Instrumentation
(2) Biomechanics
(3) Biomaterials
(4) Clinical Engineering
(5) Medical Informatics

Course Objectives


English:This course aids to provide a systematical introduction on five major disciplines of Biomedical Engineering, hoping that students would learn those biomedical engineering problems they might encounter in the future, and hoping that they would find interested and rise potentials on Biomedical Engineering after taking this course.

Required Textbook


Component Percentage
出席率 Attendance rate 20%
團體報告 Group report 40%
作業Home work 10%
 其他Other 30%