Dental materials




De-Rei Dong

College of Oral Medicine
Taipei Medical University

Course Structure: 2 Hours per week
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Course Description

Dental metarials is one of the basic sciences of the clinical dentistry. It teaches all aspects of metal, ceramics, polymer and composites used in dentistry. Acknowledgement of properties (chemical, physical, mechanical and biological) of dental materials and their application in clinic dentistry, will be the essential part of this course.

牙科材料學為臨床牙醫學中最重要的一門基礎科學, 課程內容包含了使用於臨床牙科中的金屬, 陶瓷, 聚合物及複合材料的種種層面. 本課程著重於各項材料性質的認知, 以及各種材料在臨床上運用方式的講授.

  • 開課系所:牙醫學系
  • 開課年級:2
  • 學分:2