Advanced quantitative research methodology 


周桂如  Kuei-Ru  Chou,
林佳靜  Chia-Chin Lin
邱艷芬Yann-Fen Chiou Chao,
林恆慶Herng-Ching Lin,
林寬佳  Kuan-Chia Lin,
鄭綺  Chii Jeng,
陳品玲  Ping-Lin Chen
Research College of Nursing
Taipei Medical University

Course Structure: 3 Hours per week
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Course Description

Developing nursing knowledge and answering research question is challenging because it requires the researcher to construct logical techniques. The more rigorousness there is in a research design, the more trust one can place in the information obtained. The purpose of the advanced quantitative research methodology is to prepare nursing professionals to design and carry out research with direct implications for practice to build nursing knowledge. The course will address the following topics: introduction; systematic literature review; overview of quantitative research design; sampling; informed consent; ethical consideration; causal modeling; time-series and longitudinal design; secondary data analysis; longitudinal data analysis; triangulation; national research funding priorities; case control study; clinical trial; article critique; interpretation of findings; and the presentation of results.

  • 開課系所:護理學研究所博士班
  • 開課年級: 2
  • 學分:2