Introduction to English novels: Sherlock Holmes & Jack the ripper




Center for General Education
Taipei Medical University

Course Structure: 2 Hour each week.

Course Description

This course aims at enhancing the students' ability to conduct a cultural reading throught the reading of two novels, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper: Caseclose, and the viewing of films on the project of Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper.
Each session on certain project will include lectures from the instructors and guided reading of the text.
The course will also include movie viewing, movie review and background introduction, theory introduction and discussion to enhance the intensity and variety.
Students will be required to meet the class requirements on exercies writng (three English exercises, length unlimited, on assigned topics and bring the assignment for in-class discussion), group presentation, a midterm exam and a final project.
There will be no written exams in this course.

  • 開課系所:通識教育中心
  • 開課年級: 2
  • 學分:2